Individual Counseling

Life is overwhelming.  It’s complicated, with new obstacles arising every day.   We’re responsible for so much – too much.  It’s a lot to hold.  Therapy is a place where you are not alone.  You can unload, unburden yourself and begin feeling better. 

There are times when we just need someone to listen and understand. Other times we long for guidance.  We work collaboratively with clients, providing them an opportunity to wake up and generate change.  

Deep down, we are all whole and healthy – therapy helps us see what’s obscuring our true nature.  Through becoming aware and authentic, healing occurs, and our brilliance comes forth.  Are you ready to finally give yourself this gift? 


  • Relationship Issues & Conflicts
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Depression, Sadness or Disconnection
  • Family & Early Life Issues
  • Healing from Loss or Trauma
  • Building Skills & Self-esteem
  • Co-dependancy
  • Communication Skills
  • Help with Mindfulness Practices
  • Sexual and gender minority needs
  • Oppression & Discrimination 
  • Stress & other effects from activism work
  • Effects of stigma