A Crossroads

If you're here, you've come to a crossroads in your relationship.  We know it can be distressing, frightening and many other emotions - but we're here to help. 

We've gathered best and brightest to get you through this difficult time.  We know that excellent queer couples counseling takes three things:

1. Highly skilled and well trained therapists.  That's why all our therapists go through training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Consutation Groups and ongoing training.  

2. Queer clinicians.  All our therapists are LGBTQ and have worked in our community in a variety of capacities.  These clinicians understand the complex and relevant issues we face.  

3.  A commitment to social justice. Yes. Therapy based in making the world more just is therapy based in community access, empowering clients, and resisting forms of oppression.  

Take a look at what we offer . . . SERVICES

Couples Counseling

Learn to communicate better, interact more positively and connect to the love underneath the intense feelings.  

Relationship CoACHING 

Develop critical skills and learn the steps to greater reducing conflict, deepening intimacy and repairing after emotional injuries. 


Get the support you deserve with a therapist you connect with.  Finally understand what's in the way of having better relationships and break negative patterns in your life.